Educate Everywhere

Dear Mattos Community,

Our staff is committed to supporting you through this unprecedented statewide Executive Order to Shelter in Place and in the transition to distance learning via Educate Everywhere. Here are the actions put in place to make sure our students continue to learn at the highest levels amidst these circumstances. The plans will evolve as we continue to understand best methods for maintaining personalized learning as per our Learning Community model, and flex with the varying needs of our families. It is our goal that even at a distance, we don't feel too far away. We will rise from this. After all, we are the Phoenix.


Dr. Vo-Felbinger


Phase 1 | Starting March 16

  • Conduct a needs assessment with families and create an Educate Everywhere strategic plan
  • Provide families with paper based material, supplies, and technology as needed
  • Go live with Learning Community Google Classrooms for all students
  • Create and post flexible learning plans for all students
  • Introduce video conferencing via Google Meet to all students and conduct conferences with every student and family for personalized check-ins, introduction of Educate Everywhere, and answering questions.
  • Post office hours for live support at each base

Phase 2 | Starting March 23

  • Place resources on homepage and create an Educate Everywhere webpage
  • Provide increased accessibility for student independence
  • Adjust schedule and build in more flexibility for the varying needs of our families
  • Test various formats for instructional delivery including live session, video lessons, and paper-based activities to find best balance
  • Improve differentiated learning through more targeted 1:1, small group, and whole group Google Meets

Phase 3 | Starting March 30

  • All students have daily Morning Meetings in bases or learning communities where teachers:
    • Introduce the learning of the day and explain expectations for completion of work
    • Provide time for questions about the day's schedule and the previous day's work
    • Establish a daily touchpoint for all students to greet each other and their teachers who they miss dearly
  • Introduce more technology tools and methods for showing evidence of learning that increases social interaction

Google Classroom

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Student Websites

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Parent Square

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MUSD Educate Everywhere Flexible Learning Plan and Support Services

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