Independent Study Contracts


Independent Study Length and Calendar Requirements

Short-term (no more than 14 cumulative days) independent study will be granted for one time during the academic year with the exception of the first 10 and last ten days of the academic calendar. Independent Study request will not be granted during state testing dates. At Mattos Elementary in the 2021-22 school year, state testing is for 3rd-5th grade students only and the testing window will be in April and May (specific dates TBD). There are no exceptions to the 14 day maximum. Parent requests for exceptions to the 14 day maximum will be denied. All unvaccinated students will need to quarantine for 7-10 days per Quarantine Travel Guidelines and factor that into their 14 day maximum. Fully vaccinated students will need to take a COVID test 3-5 full days after their return from international travel and self-monitor for COVID symptoms per International CDC Guidelines.

Students who are absent more than 14 days including quarantine will be removed from their base and their status will be "unassigned". Upon return, if the seat is still open at Mattos the student will go back to Mattos. If there is no open seat, the student will be reassigned to another Milpitas elementary school where there is space.


The Parents/Guardians shall:

  • Meet with the Site Administrator to formally make the request and review expectations of Short- Term Independent Study Contract. (Email principal and principal secretary with the following information:

      • Destination

      • Reason for Leave

      • Date of Leave

      • Date of Return Home)

  • Submit request in writing a minimum of 10 days in advance prior to the leave date to allow teachers time to gather work and assignments. (This can be done by making an appointment with principal secretary and completing form or completing online request through Aeries.)

  • Short-Term Independent Studies is not available during state/district testing windows.

  • Upon the students return they will be enrolled in a Milpitas School where space is available (If student does not return on the 16th day).

  • Understand that short term independent study shall not be used more than one time in any given school year.

  • Understand that short term independent study shall not be calendared during the first 10 days and the last 10 days of school.

  • Understand that short term independent study shall not be calendared during local school site state testing.

The student shall:

  • Complete the work during the time away from school.

  • Submit completed work by the due date for review and validation in order to receive academic credit.

  • Understand that short term independent study shall not be used more than one time in any given school year.

The site staff shall:

  • The site Administrator or designee meets with family/parent/guardian to review request and expectations for Short Term Independent Study.

  • Classroom teacher(s) create list of required assignments.

  • Upon student’s return to school, classwork is reviewed and graded by the teacher(s).

  • Once graded, office staff supporting attendance enters data into system to receive academic credit.

  • If the student does not return on the eleventh day, or the day of the contract’ s completion, the site shall:

    1. Verify the absence via a phone call, in-person conversation with parent/guardian,

    2. or via a home visit. If verification is not achieved, the student will be considered habitually truant and a School Attendance Review Board (SARB) letter will be sent to the student’s home.

    3. Depending on the number of previous absences the student has accrued, the Site Administrator may be required to schedule a meeting with the parent/guardian and an attendance contract may need to be developed and implemented.

    4. If the student has previous patterns of chronic absenteeism this would require a SARB hearing at the District Office.

  • Site Administration shall annually report to the Assistant Superintendent of Learning & Development or designee the number of students who participate in both Short-Term and Long-Term Independent Study.